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Anon Hsv 51VII

Tarrin Wills and Stefanie Gropper (eds) 2007, ‘Anonymous Poems, Hugsvinnsmál 51’ in Margaret Clunies Ross (ed.), Poetry on Christian Subjects. Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages 7. Turnhout: Brepols, p. 392.

Anonymous PoemsHugsvinnsmál

Þrælum ‘servants’

þræll (noun m.; °þrǽls, dat. þrǽli/þrǽl; þrǽlar): slave, servant

[1] Þrælum: ‘[...]lumm’ 723aˣ, ‘[...]rælum’ 401ˣ


grand ‘an injury’

grand (noun n.): injury


gerir ‘cause’

1. gera (verb): do, make

[3] gerir: veitir 401ˣ


þvít ‘because’

þvít (conj.): because, since

[4] þvít sjálfum sér: ‘[...]r’ 723aˣ, ‘þviat sia[...] sier’ 401ˣ


sjálfum ‘self’

sjalfr (adj.): self

[4] þvít sjálfum sér: ‘[...]r’ 723aˣ, ‘þviat sia[...] sier’ 401ˣ


sér ‘to him’

sik (pron.; °gen. sín, dat. sér): (refl. pron.)

[4] þvít sjálfum sér: ‘[...]r’ 723aˣ, ‘þviat sia[...] sier’ 401ˣ


sem ‘who’

sem (conj.): as, which

[6] sem: er sinn 723aˣ, er sína 401ˣ


meiðir ‘injures’

meiðir (noun m.): destroyer, harmer

[6] meiðir mann: menn meiðir 401ˣ


mann ‘a man’

maðr (noun m.): man, person

[6] meiðir mann: menn meiðir 401ˣ


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Lat. parallels: (Dist. I, 37) Servorum culpis cum te dolor urguet in iram, / ipse tibi moderare, tuis ut parcere possis ‘When the vexation of servants’ faults pushes you to anger, control yourself, so that you may spare your own’. The topic is also dealt with in Sól 26, albeit without the hint of social differences. From this point onwards, the ordering and preservation of the sts in 1199ˣ, 624 and eds of Hsv, departs. The present edn follows 1199ˣ for the most part, but is modified slightly on the basis of the order in 624 where that ms. follows the order of the Lat. more closely.


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