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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Lausavísur from Vǫlsunga saga — Anon (Vǫls)VIII (Vǫls)

Anonymous Lausavísur

Lausavísur from Vǫlsunga saga — Margaret Clunies Ross

Not published: do not cite (Anon (Vǫls)VIII (Vǫls))


Ristu af magni         mikla hellu,
Sigmundr hjörvi         ok Sinfjötli.
‘They cut the huge stone slab with strength, Sigmundr with his sword and Sinfjǫtli.
Eldr nam at æsaz         en jörð at skjálfa
ok hár logi         við himni gnæfa.
Fár treystiz þar         fylkis rekka
eld at ríða         né yfir stíga.
‘Fire raged and earth shook and the tall flame rose up to the sky. Few of the warriors of the prince there dared to ride through the fire nor step across it.
Sigurðr Grana         sverði keyrði;
eldr sloknaði         fyr öðlingi.
Logi allr lægðiz         fyr lofgjörnum;
bliku reiði,         er Reginn átti.
‘Sigurðr drove Grani on with his sword; the fire was extinguished before the prince. All flame died down before the one eager for praise; the harness, which Reginn had owned, flashed.
Sigurðr vá at ormi,         en þat síðan mun
engum fyrnaz,         meðan öld lifir.
En hlýri þinn         hvárki þorði
eld at ríða         né yfir stíga.
‘Sigurðr slew the dragon, and that will afterwards be forgotten by no one while humankind lives. But your brother neither dared to ride through the fire nor step across it.
Út gekk Sigurðr         annspjalli frá,
hollvinr lofða,         ok hnípaði,
svá at ganga nam         gunnarfúsum
sundr of síður         serkr járnofinn.
‘Sigurðr went out from that conversation, the loyal friend of men, and drooped with grief, so that the iron-woven mail-shirt broke asunder at the sides of the battle-keen man.
Sumir viðfiska tóku,         sumir vitnishræ skífðu,
sumir Guttormi gáfu         gerahold
við mungáti         ok marga hluti
aðra í tyfrum.
‘Some took wood fish [SNAKES], some sliced a wolf carcass, some gave Guttormr wolf flesh with small beer and many other things in magic potions.

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