Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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SnH Lv 1II/3 — hringum ‘ring-byrnie’

Fœrðr sýndisk mér frændi
Frísa kyns í brynju;
gengr fyr hirð í hringum
hjalmfaldinn kurfaldi.
Flœrat eld í ári
úthlaupi vanr Túta;
sék á síðu leika
sverð rúghleifa skerði.

Frændi kyns Frísa sýndisk mér fœrðr í brynju; hjalmfaldinn kurfaldi gengr fyr hirð í hringum. Túta, vanr úthlaupi, flœrat eld í ári; sék sverð leika á síðu skerði rúghleifa.

The kinsman of the Frisians’ clan [= Túta] showed himself to me dressed in a coat of mail; the helmet-clad dwarf prances before the retinue in a ring-byrnie. Túta, accustomed to furtive raids, does not flee the kitchen-fire early; I see a sword dangling by the side of the cleaver of rye-loaves [MAN].


[3] í hringum ‘in a ring-byrnie’: This was a byrnie made of iron rings that were joined together. Fragments of such armour have been found in Dan. graves (see Falk 1914, 175-6). Haraldr’s byrnie (called Emma) was so long that it reached down to the middle of his calves (see ÍF 28, 188), and Túta the dwarf would certainly have provided quite a sight wearing it. See also Note to Þham Magndr 3/8.



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