Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sigv Nesv 3I/3 — frosts ‘of the frost’

Þat erumk kunnt, hvé kennir
Karlhǫfða lét jarli
odda frosts fyr austan
Agðir nær of lagðan.

Þat erumk kunnt, hvé kennir frosts odda lét Karlhǫfða of lagðan nær jarli fyr austan Agðir.

It is known to me, how the master of the frost of points [BATTLE > WARRIOR] had Karlhǫfði (‘Man-head’) put in position near the jarl to the east of Agder.


[3] frosts: ‘frorz’ Holm2, frost 972ˣ, 325VI, 321ˣ, 78aˣ, DG8, frests 68, ‘tfrost’ Bb, ‘p̄tz’ Tóm, ‘froz’ FskBˣ, fróns FskAˣ


[3] frosts odda ‘of the frost of points [BATTLE]’: This use of frost evidently confused copyists, and its only analogue in a kenning is SnSt Ht 61/3III. Base-words in this kenning type normally denote dynamic weather phenomena, e.g. hagl ‘hail’, él ‘blizzard’ and þeyr ‘thawing wind’ (Meissner 178-82), rather than static ones such as frost. (LP: frost takes the word in Sveinn Norðrdr 1/3III as ‘mountain storm’ but this is uncertain.)



case: gen.


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