Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Mark Eirdr 10II/1 — hlýri ‘brother’

Stóra sótti Haralds hlýri
helga dóma út frá Rómi;
hringum varði áttkonr yngva
auðig skrín ok golli rauðu.
Mildingr fór of munka veldi
móðum fœti sôl at bœta;
sveitir kníði allvaldr útan;
Eirekr vas til Róms í þeiri.

Hlýri Haralds sótti stóra helga dóma út frá Rómi; áttkonr yngva varði auðig skrín hringum ok rauðu golli. Mildingr fór móðum fœti of veldi munka at bœta sôl; allvaldr kníði sveitir útan; Eirekr vas til Róms í þeiri.

Haraldr’s brother [= Eiríkr] visited great holy relics outside Rome; the descendant of a king [KING] adorned rich shrines with rings and red gold. The generous one went on weary foot through the monks’ empire to redeem his soul; the mighty ruler urged his men back; Eiríkr came to Rome on that [journey].


[1] hlýri Haralds ‘Haraldr’s brother [= Eiríkr]’: This was Haraldr hein ‘Hone’ Sveinsson (r. 1074-80). Hlýri, a poetic word for ‘brother, friend’, lit. means ‘cheek’, a term of intimacy.




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