Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Hskv Útdr 7II/8 — sóttir ‘advanced’

Bǫðstyrkir, lézt barka
— bragnings verk á Serkjum
fræg hafa gǫrzk — fyr gýgjar
gagnstíg ofan síga.
Enn í hall at helli,
hernenninn, fjǫlmennum,
Gǫndlar þings, með gengi,
gný-Þróttr, neðan sóttir.

Bǫðstyrkir, lézt barka síga ofan fyr gagnstíg gýgjar; verk bragnings á Serkjum hafa gǫrzk fræg. Enn, hernenninn Gǫndlar þings gný-Þróttr, sóttir neðan í hall at fjǫlmennum helli með gengi.

Battle-strengthener [WARRIOR], you let boats be lowered from above before the through-route of the giantess [CRAG]; the lord’s deeds against the Saracens have become famous. And you, battle-enterprising Þróttr <= Óðinn> of the din of Gǫndul’s <valkyrie’s> assembly [(lit. ‘din-Þróttr of Gǫndul’s assembly’) BATTLE > WARRIOR] advanced up the cliff toward the well-manned cavern with your followers.


[8] sóttir: sótti Mork, H, Hr, FskAˣ



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