Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Gísl Magnkv 11II/8 — brutu ‘tested’

Hôðum hildi        með Haralds frænda
Ǫnguls við ey        innanverða,
þars af reiði        ríkisvendir
konungr ok jarlar        kapp sitt brutu.

Hôðum hildi með frænda Haralds við Ǫngulsey innanverða, þars ríkisvendir, konungr ok jarlar, brutu kapp sitt af reiði.

We waged war with Haraldr’s kinsman [= Magnús] on the inner side of Anglesey, where the royal sceptres, the king and the earls, tested their courage with rage.


[8] kapp sitt brutu: kappi deilðu F


[8] brutu kapp sitt ‘tested their courage’: Synonymous with the F variant deilðu kappi ‘tested [their] courage’.



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