Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ESk Hardr I 2II/4 — þrǫm ‘shore’

Átti sókn við sléttan
serkrjóðr Hôolfs, merki,
harðr, þars hregg of virðum,
Hléseyjar þrǫm, blésu.
Hús brann upp, en eisur,
ófátt, séa knátti
— malmr sǫng, en hlóð hilmir
hrækǫst — við ský gnæfa.

Harðr Hôolfs serkrjóðr átti sókn við sléttan þrǫm Hléseyjar, þars hregg blésu merki of virðum. Ófátt hús brann upp, en knátti séa eisur gnæfa við ský; malmr sǫng, en hilmir hlóð hrækǫst.

The harsh colourer of Hálfr’s <legendary king’s> shirt [(lit. ‘shirt-colourer of Hálfr’) BYRNIE > WARRIOR] had a battle by the level shore of Læsø, where the storms made banners billow above the men. Not a few houses burned up, and one could see fires towering against the clouds; steel sang, and the prince stacked up a corpse-pile.



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