Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ESk Geisl 55VII/7 — tír ‘honour’

Vas, sem reyk (af ríki
regn dreif stáls) í gegnum
hjalm-Njǫrðungum, harðan,
heiðingja lið, gingi.
Halft fimta vann heimtan
hundrað, brimi*s sunda,
nýztan tír, þars nœra,
Norðmanna, val þorðu.

Lið heiðingja vas hjalm-Njǫrðungum, sem gingi harðan í gegnum reyk; regn stáls dreif af ríki. Halft fimta hundrað Norðmanna vann heimtan nýztan tír, þars þorðu nœra val sunda brimi*s.

The host of heathens was to the helmet-Nirðir <gods> [WARRIORS] as if they were going hard through smoke; the rain of steel [BATTLE] drove mightily. Four and a half hundreds of Norwegians laid claim to very useful honour, where they dared to feed the falcon of the bays of the sword [BLOOD > RAVEN].



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