Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Pl 40VII/1 — Hugðu ‘considered’

Hugðu brœðr at beiði
brandéls meginvandla,
þóttusk mildi mætan
menn Plácitus kenna,
unz hyr-Þróttar hittu
hjaldrserks …
... hǫfðu
hoddsendi rétt kenndan.

Brœðr hugðu meginvandla at beiði brandéls — menn þóttusk kenna mildi mætan Plácitus —, unz hjaldrserks hyr-Þróttar hittu … hǫfðu rétt kenndan hoddsendi.

The brothers considered carefully the demander of the sword-storm [BATTLE > WARRIOR] — the men thought they recognised Plácitus, renowned for generosity [or piety] —, until the Þróttar <= Óðinn> of the fire of the war-shirt [(lit. ‘the fire-Þróttar of the war shirt’) MAIL-SHIRT > SWORD > WARRIORS] met … they had correctly recognised the gold-distributor [GENEROUS MAN].



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