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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Mdr 17VII/5 — jörð ‘earth’

Fagnaðu, mær af megni
miskunnar fullrunnin;
dýr, gaztu orð af orði,
o guðs og bart* forðum.
Fagnaðu, jörð, því að orðin
alfrjávuð* fekkt hávan
lífs ávöxt og leyfðan
leyndardóma blóma.

Fagnaðu, mær, fullrunnin af megni miskunnar; dýr, gaztu orð af orði, og bart* forðum o guðs. Fagnaðu, jörð, því að orðin alfrjávuð* fekkt hávan ávöxt lífs og leyfðan blóma leyndardóma.

Rejoice, maiden, overflowing with the power of mercy; precious one, you conceived the word from the word, and once bore the word of God [= Christ]. Rejoice, earth, since, grown fully ripe, you received the high fruit of life [= Christ] and the praised flower of mysteries [= Christ].


[5] jörð: so 399a‑bˣ, orð B, ‘(i)o᷎rd’(?) BRydberg, ‘[...]o᷎rd’ BFJ


[5] jörð … orðin: Although B is defective, both the Lat. word tellus ‘earth’ and the verse context indicate that the second word of l. 5 must be jörð. Parallel ll. in subsequent sts (i.e. 19/1. 19/5, 20/1), as well as the first l. of this st., suggest that a vocative is required. Both Rydberg and Finnur Jónsson (Skj B) adopt 399a-bˣ’s reading and it is also adopted here. Vowel-alliteration may be preserved if the scribal ‘vorden’ (p.p. of verða ‘to become’) is normalised to orðin (ANG §§235.1, 490.2 and 3; CVC: verða).



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