Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sigv ErfÓl 24I/8 — hrings ‘of the sword’

Gǫrts, þeims gótt bar hjarta,
gollit skrín at mínum
— hrósak helgi ræsis —
— hann sótti goð — dróttni.
Ár gengr margr frá mæru
meiðr þess konungs leiði
hreins með heilar sjónir
hrings, es blindr kom þingat.

Gollit skrín [e]s gǫrt at dróttni mínum, þeims bar gótt hjarta; hrósak helgi ræsis; hann sótti goð. Margr meiðr hrings, es kom blindr þingat, gengr ár með heilar sjónir frá mæru leiði þess hreins konungs.

A golden shrine has been made for my lord, who had a fine heart; I praise the holiness of the leader; he went to God. Many a tree of the sword [MAN] who came thither blind goes soon with healed eyes from the glorious resting-place of that pure king.


[6, 8] meiðr hrings ‘tree of the sword [WARRIOR]’: The sg. form of hrings suggests that here the meaning ‘sword’ (cf. Þhorn Harkv 1/1 and Note, Sigv Nesv 9/4, Sigv Berv 1/7II) is more appropriate than the more usual ‘(arm-)ring’, though both are possible.




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