Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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HSt Rst 27I/1 — ǫðlings ‘of the ruler’s’

Annarr ǫðlings manna
ókvíðinn réð síðan
— stígr varð stála sveigi
strangr — í bjarg at ganga.
Hôtt fjall hvárki mátti
— hans vas líf þrotit — klífa
eldrunnr ǫlna foldar
upp eðr niðr frá miðju.

Síðan réð annarr manna ǫðlings at ganga ókvíðinn í bjarg; stígr varð strangr sveigi stála. Ǫlna foldar eldrunnr mátti hvárki klífa hôtt fjall upp eðr niðr frá miðju; líf hans vas þrotit.

Then one of the ruler’s men started to go, fearless, up the crag; the route was hard for the swinger of steel weapons [WARRIOR]. The tree of the fire of the land of fish [(lit. ‘fire-tree of the land of fish’) SEA > GOLD > MAN] could climb neither up nor down the high mountain from the middle; his life had come to an end.



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