Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ÞGísl Búdr 11I/7 — hykk ‘I think’

Sté fyrir húf hesti
hrófs inn þrekmesti
gœðir gunnskára;
gladdisk naðr sára.
Niðr kom bens bára;
Búi nam sér hvára
— ferð hykk friðar misstu —
frœkn í hǫnd kistu.

Inn þrekmesti gœðir gunnskára sté fyrir húf hesti hrófs; naðr sára gladdisk. Bára bens kom niðr; frœkn Búi nam kistu í hvára hǫnd sér; hykk ferð misstu friðar.

The most powerful endower of battle-gulls [RAVENS/EAGLES > WARRIOR] leapt from the hull of the horse of the boat-shed [SHIP]; the snake of wounds [SWORD] was gladdened. The wave of the wound [BLOOD] poured down; the valiant Búi took a chest in each of his hands; I think men missed out on peace.


[7] hykk: ‘hysk’ 54, Bb



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