Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Þhorn Harkv 16I/6 — fǫgrum ‘handsome’

‘Mjǫk eru reifðir         rógbirtingar,
þeir es í Haralds túni         húnum verpa.
* Féi eru þeir gœddir         ok fǫgrum mætum,
malmi húnlenzkum         ok mani austrœnu.

‘Rógbirtingar eru mjǫk reifðir, þeir es verpa húnum í túni Haralds. Þeir eru gœddir * féi ok fǫgrum mætum, húnlenzkum malmi ok austrœnu mani.

‘Strife-displayers [WARRIORS] are greatly enriched, those who cast dice at Haraldr’s court. They are endowed with valuables and handsome treasures, with Hunnish metal and an eastern bondwoman.



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