Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Rv Lv 21II/8 — prúðri ‘the splendid’

Skalkak hryggr í hreggi,
Hlín, meðan strengr ok lína
svǫrðr fyr snekkju barði,
svalteigar, brestr eigi.
Því réðk hvítri heita
hǫrskorð, es fórk norðan,
— vindr berr snart at sundi
súðmar — konu prúðri.

Skalkak hryggr í hreggi, Hlín svalteigar, meðan strengr ok lína, svǫrðr fyr barði snekkju, brestr eigi. Því réðk heita hvítri hǫrskorð, prúðri konu, es fórk norðan; vindr berr súðmar snart at sundi.

I shall not be upset in the storm, Hlín <goddess> of the cool plot [SEA > WOMAN], as long as the rope and the line, the hawser before the craft’s prow, does not break. That is what I promised to the pale linen-prop [WOMAN], the splendid woman, when I headed from the north; the wind carries the plank-horse [SHIP] briskly towards the strait.



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