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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Arn Þorfdr 5II/7 — hlýra ‘brother’

Hilmir rauð í hjalma
hreggi skelkings eggjar;
fór, áðr fimmtán væri,
fetrjóðr Hugins, vetra.
Gǫrr lézk grund at verja
geðfrœkn ok til sœkja
œri Einars hlýra
engr mannr und skýranni.

Hilmir rauð eggjar skelkings í hreggi hjalma; fetrjóðr Hugins fór, áðr væri fimmtán vetra. Engr mannr und skýranni œri hlýra Einars lézk gǫrr at verja grund, geðfrœkn, ok sœkja til.

The ruler reddened the sword’s edges in the storm of helmets [BATTLE]; the foot-reddener of Huginn <raven> [WARRIOR] set forth before he was fifteen winters. No man under the cloud-hall [SKY/HEAVEN] younger than Einarr’s brother [= Þorfinnr] has declared himself ready to guard his realm, mind-bold, and to mount attacks.


[7] hlýra: hlýri Flat, 73aˣ, 61, hlýra 48ˣmarg


[7] hlýra Einars ‘Einarr’s brother [= Þorfinnr]’: A reference to Þorfinnr’s half-brother Einarr rangmuðr ‘Wry-mouth’, who, after long territorial wranglings between the kinsmen, finally died in 1020 at the hands of Þorfinnr’s henchman Þorkell (Storm 1888, 16, 57, 106, 316 and 468).



case: dat.


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