Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ÞjóðA Sex 25II/8 — brjóta ‘they break off’

Refsir reyndan ofsa
ráðgegn Haraldr þegnum;
hykk, at hilmis rekkar
haldi upp, þvís valda.
Sverðs hafa slíkar byrðar
— sanns nýtr hverr við annan —
— Haraldr skiptir svá heiptum —
hljótendr, es sér brjóta.

Ráðgegn Haraldr refsir þegnum reyndan ofsa; hykk, at rekkar hilmis haldi upp, þvís valda. Hljótendr sverðs hafa slíkar byrðar, es brjóta sér; hverr nýtr sanns við annan; Haraldr skiptir svá heiptum.

The purposeful Haraldr punishes his retainers for their proven arrogance; I think the prince’s warriors are paying for what they start. The possessors of the sword [WARRIORS] have such burdens as they break off for themselves; each gains what is right from the other; Haraldr deals out hostility in this way.


[5, 8] hafa slíkar byrðar, es brjóta sér ‘have such burdens as they break off for themselves’: The sense seems to be that the rebels bring trouble on themselves and have to live with it; the specific reference of the idiom could be to gathering wood.



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