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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sturl Hrafn 20II/4 — aldar ‘men’

Beit at brynmóti
brún í rauðtúnum
egg of ódyggvar
aldar gunntjalda,
áðr en egghríðar
undan víglundum
skyndu ský-Þundar
skoskir alþroskins.

Brún egg beit í rauðtúnum gunntjalda of ódyggvar aldar at brynmóti, áðr en skoskir egghríðar ský-Þundar skyndu undan víglundum alþroskins.

The shining sword-edge bit in the red enclosures of battle-tents [SHIELDS > SHIELD-WALLS] around unfaithful men at the byrnie-meeting [BATTLE], before the Scottish Þundar <= Óðinn’s> of the cloud of the edge-storm [(lit. ‘cloud-Þundar of the edge-storm’) BATTLE > SHIELD > WARRIORS] hastened away from the slaughter-trees [WARRIORS] of the very manly one.


[4] aldar: aldir 8, Flat


[3-4] ódyggvar aldar ‘unfaithful men’: This must refer to the Scots opposing Hákon in the battle, but it is not quite clear why they are called ‘unfaithful’. It could be that Sturla alludes to Alexander’s postponement of the proposed peace negotations until the Norw. fleet was at a disadvantage because of the autumn storms (see st. 12 above).



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