Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sturl Hrafn 2II/2 — ótti ‘terror’

Øngr sá ormvengis
ótti vígdróttir
fleiri flugstæris
fleins í stað einum.
Lukði lómblekkir
landa útstrandir
hríðar herskíðum
harðr ok randgarði.

Øngr ótti ormvengis sá fleiri vígdróttir fleins flugstæris í einum stað. Harðr lómblekkir lukði útstrandir landa herskíðum hríðar ok randgarði.

No terror of the snake-meadow [GOLD > GENEROUS MAN] saw more fighting-troops of an increaser of the spear’s flight [(lit. ‘of a flight-increaser of the spear’) BATTLE > WARRIOR] in one place. The harsh deceit-destroyer [JUST RULER] enclosed the outer shores of the lands with the army-skis of the sea [SHIPS] and the shield-fence.




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