Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sigv Austv 14I/3 — jǫfra ‘of princes’

Drjúggenginn vas drengjum
— drengr magnar lof þengils —
austr til jǫfra þrýstis
Eiðaskógr á leiðu.
Skyldit mér, áðr mildan
minn dróttin komk finna,
hlunns af hilmis runnum
hnekkt dýrloga bekkjar.

Eiðaskógr vas drjúggenginn drengjum á leiðu austr til þrýstis jǫfra; drengr magnar lof þengils. Skyldit mér hnekkt af runnum dýrloga bekkjar hlunns hilmis, áðr komk finna mildan dróttin minn.

Eidskogen was a long slog for the good fellows on the way east to the compeller of princes [RULER = Rǫgnvaldr]; the good fellow [I] strengthens the praise of the lord. I should not have been driven off by the bushes of the precious flame of the bench of the launcher [SEA > GOLD > MEN] of the ruler before I arrived to find my generous lord.


[3] jǫfra: ‘jofur’ R686ˣ, ‘jufra’ Tóm


[3] til þrýstis jǫfra ‘to the compeller of princes [RULER = Rǫgnvaldr]’: Schreiner (1927-9c, 39) finds it improbable that the phrase should be applied to Rǫgnvaldr, and he would have it describe King Óláfr of Sweden.




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