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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sjóvar heiti — Þul SjóvarIII

Anonymous Þulur

Elena Gurevich 2017, ‘(Introduction to) Anonymous, Sjóvar heiti’ in Kari Ellen Gade and Edith Marold (eds), Poetry from Treatises on Poetics. Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages 3. Turnhout: Brepols, p. 833.


Sær, sílægja,         salt, ægir, haf,
lǫgr, sumr, lœgir,         lagastafr ok vágr,
gjallr, gnap, geimi,         gnarr, svífr ok marr,
súgr, sog, sami,         svelgr, rǫst ok fjǫrðr.
‘Sea, ever-lying one, salt, the main, ocean, liquid, the swim, calm one, waters’ foundation and bay, clamouring one, towering one, extensive one, murmurer, rocker and mere, sucker, sucking one, unchanging one, swallower, current and fjord.
Sund, ǫgr, velfœrr,         sími ok víðir,
hríð, ver, breki,         húm, flóð ok brim,
grœðir, glýjuðr,         gymir ok vægir,
gniðr ok órór,         gjalfr, fen, snapi.
‘Sound, inlet, easily crossable one, rope and wide one, tempest, fishing-place, breaker, dark one, flood and surf, swelling one, bright one, engulfer and wavy one, murmur and unquiet one, surge, fen, snuffling one.
Gnat, vǫrr, vika,         vǫst, hóp ok mið,
vatn, djúp ok kaf,         vík, tjǫrn ok sík,
stormr, díki, hylr,         straumr, lœkr ok bekkr,
áll, bruðr, kelda,         iða, fors ok kíll.
‘Din, ship’s wake, sea-mile, fishing-ground, inlet and fishing-bank, water, deep one and depth, bay, tarn and watercourse, storm, ditch, pool, current, stream and brook, channel, spring, well, eddy, waterfall and creek.
Hefring, alda,         hvítingr ok lá,
Hrǫnn, Rán, Kolga         ok Himinglæva,
Drǫfn, Uðr ok solmr,         Dúfa, Bylgja,
boði ok Bára,         Blóðughadda.
‘Hefring, wave, white one and shore-line, Hrǫnn, Rán, Kólga and Himinglæva, Drǫfn, Uðr and sweller, Dúfa, Bylgja, shoal and Bára, Blóðughadda.

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