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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anonymous Þulur


Vol. 3, 649 —  — ed. Elena Gurevich



Þorgrímsþula I3

Þorgrímsþula II1

Sækonunga heiti5

Konunga heiti3

Dverga heiti6

Jǫtna heiti I6

Jǫtna heiti II3

Trollkvenna heiti5

Óðins nǫfn8

Ása heiti I1

Þórs heiti1

Ása heiti II1

Ásynja heiti5

Kvenna heiti1

Manna heiti10

Orrostu heiti2

Sverða heiti12

Øxar heiti1

Spjóts heiti1

Ǫrvar heiti2

Boga heiti1

Vápna heiti1

Skjaldar heiti3

Hjálms heiti2

Brynju heiti1

Sjóvar heiti4

Á heiti6

Fiska heiti4

Hvala heiti2

Skipa heiti10

Jarðar heiti2

Viðar heiti3

Øxna heiti4

Hrúts heiti1

Hafrs heiti2

Bjarnar heiti1

Hjartar heiti1

Galtar heiti1

Vargs heiti2

Himins heiti I1

Sólar heiti1

Tungls heiti1

Dœgra heiti1

Himins heiti II1

Veðra heiti2

Elds heiti4

Orma heiti4

Hesta heiti4

Hauks heiti2

Hrafns heiti2

Hana heiti1

Ara heiti1

Fugla heiti7

Kvenna heiti ókend3

Hugar heiti ok hjarta1

Grýlu heiti1

Heiti á hendi1

Heiti valkyrja2

Eyja heiti7

Fjarða heiti1

Sáðs heiti2

Heiti for sea-kings1

Heiti for women2

Heiti for islands1

Heiti for waves1

other information

Anonymous Þulur (Þul)

12th century

Skj AI, 651-90; BI, 657-80

volume 3

main editor: Elena Gurevich


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