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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Ásynja heiti — Þul ÁsynjaIII

Anonymous Þulur

Elena Gurevich 2017, ‘ Anonymous, Ásynja heiti’ in Kari Ellen Gade and Edith Marold (eds), Poetry from Treatises on Poetics. Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages 3. Turnhout: Brepols, p. 762. <> (accessed 18 September 2021)


Nú skal ásynjur         allar nefna:
Frigg ok Freyja,         Fulla ok Snotra,
Gerðr ok Gefjun,         Gná, Lofn, Skaði,
Jǫrð ok Iðunn,         Ilmr, Bil, Njǫrun.
‘Now all the Ásynjur shall be named: Frigg and Freyja, Fulla and Snotra, Gerðr and Gefjun, Gná, Lofn, Skaði, Jǫrð and Iðunn, Ilmr, Bil, Njǫrun.
Hlín ok Nanna,         Hnoss, Rindr ok Sjǫfn,
Sól ok Sága,         Sigyn ok Vǫr;
þá es Vár, ok Syn         verðr at nefna,
en Þrúðr ok Rán         þeim næst talið.
‘Hlín and Nanna, Hnoss, Rindr and Sjǫfn, Sól and Sága, Sigyn and Vǫr; then there is Vár, and Syn must be named, and Þrúðr and Rán [are] listed next to them.
Grét ok at Óði         gulli Freyja;
heiti eru hennar         Hǫrn ok Þrungva,
Sýr, Skjǫlf ok Gefn         ok it sama Mardǫll;
dœtr eru hennar         Hnoss ok Gersimi.
‘Freyja also wept gold for Óðr; her names are Hǫrn and Þrungva, Sýr, Skjálf and Gefn, and likewise Mardǫll; her daughers are Hnoss and Gersimi.
Enn eru aðrar         Óðins meyjar:
Hildr ok Gǫndul,         Hlǫkk, Mist, Skǫgul;
þá es Hrund ok Eir,         Hrist, Skuld talið.
‘There are yet other maids of Óðinn: Hildr and Gǫndul, Hlǫkk, Mist, Skǫgul; then Hrund and Eir, Hrist, Skuld are listed.
Nornir heita,         þær es nauð skapa;
Nipt ok Dísi         nú mun ek telja.
‘Those are called norns who create distress; now I shall list Nipt and Dís.

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