Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sigv Lv 10I/5 — orð ‘a word’

Þrøngvisk ér of ungan,
ítrmenni, gram þenna;
bægisk ǫld, svát eigi
Ôleifs náik máli.
Mér varð orð at órum
auðsótt frǫmum dróttni,
þás óðum mjǫk móðir
mjǫll á Dofrafjalli.

Ér þrøngvisk of þenna ungan gram, ítrmenni; ǫld bægisk, svát náik eigi máli Ôleifs. Mér varð orð at frǫmum dróttni órum auðsótt, þás óðum mjǫk móðir mjǫll á Dofrafjalli.

You throng about this young ruler, glorious crowd; people are pushing, so that I cannot obtain speech with Óláfr. For me a word with our outstanding lord was easy to get when we waded, quite exhausted, through the snow on Dovrefjell.



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