Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Þstf Lv 1II/5 — mildr ‘generous’

Hykk, at hér megi þekkja
heldr í stuttum feldi
oss, en ek læt þessa
óprýði mér hlýða.
Værir mildr, ef mæra
mik vildir þú skikkju,
— hvat hafim heldr an tǫtra —
hildingr, muni vildri.

Hykk, at megi þekkja oss hér í heldr stuttum feldi, en ek læt þessa óprýði hlýða mér. Værir mildr, ef þú vildir mæra mik skikkju muni vildri, hildingr; hafim hvat heldr an tǫtra.

I think that one may see us [me] here in quite a short cloak, but I say this lack of style suits me. You would be generous, if you would deck me out in a coat somewhat more desirable, ruler; I’d rather wear anything but rags.



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