Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Stúfr Stúfdr 8II/1 — sás ‘who’

Gekk sem vind, sás vættki,
varðandi, fjǫr sparði,
geira regns í gǫgnum
glaðr orrostu þaðra.
Gramr flýðit sá síðan
— sœm eru þess of dœmi
éls und erkistóli —
eld né jarn it fellda.

Varðandi regns geira, sás vættki sparði fjǫr, gekk þaðra glaðr í gǫgnum orrostu sem vind. Síðan flýðit sá gramr eld né it fellda jarn; eru sœm of dœmi þess und erkistóli éls.

The warden of spears’ rain [BATTLE > WARRIOR], who not at all heeded his life, went there, exultant, through battle like the wind. Later that prince fled neither fire nor the pure iron; there are fitting proofs of that under the archiepiscopal seat of the storm [HEAVEN].


[1] sás vættki (‘sa er vętki’): sá vaski Flat, ‘sa er væcte’ FskAˣ



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