Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Kolb Jónv 2VII/7 — blíð ‘gentle’

Miðr gekt einn an aðrir
ǫðlings frá píningu,
svikbannandi, sunnu,
snjallr, postolar allir,
þvít drengr í styr strǫngum
stótt þú hjá kvǫl dróttins
blíð ok bragnings móðir
byrstrandar grátandi.

Snjallr svikbannandi, einn gekt frá píningu ǫðlings sunnu miðr an allir aðrir postolar, þvít þú, drengr í strǫngum styr, ok grátandi blíð móðir bragnings byrstrandar stótt hjá kvǫl dróttins.

Courageous one, you who bans falsity [APOSTLE], alone fled from the torment of the king of the sun [= God (= Christ)] less than all the other Apostles, for you, a valiant man in the hard battle, and the weeping gentle mother of the ruler of the wind-beach [SKY/HEAVEN > = God (= Christ) > = Mary] stood close by at the torture of the Lord.




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