Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Ív Sig 41II/8 — sunds ‘swimming’

Hrauzk und jǫfri        austan komnum
— bitu slǫg suðrœn —        snekkja með stǫfnum,
þás skjǫldungs sonr        af skipi sínu
sóknfœrr á sæ        sunds kostaði.

Snekkja hrauzk með stǫfnum und jǫfri austan komnum—suðrœn slǫg bitu—, þás sóknfœrr sonr skjǫldungs kostaði sunds á sæ af skipi sínu.

The warship was cleared from stem to stern beneath the prince who had arrived from the east—southern weapons bit—, when the battle-able son of the king [= Sigurðr] tried swimming in the sea [by leaping] from his ship.



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