Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Ív Sig 28II/6 — bana ‘death’

Mœtti síðan        suðr við Byrðu
gramr gunnþorinn        Glæsirófu.
Olli stillir        Styrkárs bana;
bar benþiðurr        blóðga vængi.

Gunnþorinn gramr mœtti síðan Glæsirófu suðr við Byrðu. Stillir olli bana Styrkárs; benþiðurr bar blóðga vængi.

The battle-brave lord then encountered Glæsirófa (‘Show-tail’) south near Børøya. The ruler caused Styrkárr’s death; the wound-grouse [RAVEN/EAGLE] bore bloody wings.


[6] bana Styrkárs ‘Styrkárr’s death’: Styrkárr glæsirófa ‘Show-tail’ is otherwise unknown.



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