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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Gamlkan Has 19VII/7 — skýja ‘of the clouds’

Þú vast, mæztr, frá meyju,
— mikil dýrð es þat fyrðum —
hauðrs, í heim með lýðum,
hildingr, borinn mildri.
Sæll bart óstyrkð alla,
ágætr, ok meinlæti,
skrýðir skýja slóðar
skríns, á líkam þínum.

Mæztr hildingr hauðrs, þú vast borinn í heim með lýðum frá mildri meyju; þat es mikil dýrð fyrðum. Ágætr skrýðir skríns slóðar skýja, bart sæll alla óstyrkð ok meinlæti á líkam þínum.

Most precious prince of the earth [= God (= Christ)], you were born into the world amongst men of a gentle maiden; that is a great honour to mankind. Glorious adorner of the shrine of the path of the clouds [HEAVEN > = God (= Christ)], you gladly bore all weaknesses and sufferings on your body.


[7] skýja: so all others, ‘sk[...]ia’ B


[7-8] skrýðir skríns slóðar skýja ‘adorner of the shrine of the path of the clouds [HEAVEN > = God (= Christ)]’: A similar sun-kenning occurs in Leið 32/5-6 [skjǫlðungr] skríns skýja ‘[king] of the shrine of the clouds’. Although skrín skýja ‘shrine of the clouds’ is popular in later poetry, it does not seem to occur earlier than here (see LP: skrín).




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