Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Eyv Lv 9I/1 — skein ‘shone’

Fullu skein á fjǫllum
fallsól bráa vallar
Ullar kjóls of allan
aldr Hôkonar skǫldum.
Nús alfrǫðull elfar
jǫtna dolgs of folginn
— rôð eru rammrar þjóðar
rík — í móður líki.

Fallsól vallar bráa Fullu skein á fjǫllum kjóls Ullar skǫldum of allan aldr Hôkonar. Nús alfrǫðull elfar of folginn í líki móður dolgs jǫtna; rôð rammrar þjóðar eru rík.

The setting sun of the plain of the brows of Fulla <goddess> [FOREHEAD > GOLD] shone on the mountains of the ship of Ullr <god> [SHIELD > ARMS/HANDS] of skalds throughout Hákon’s whole lifetime. Now the sun of the river [GOLD] is hidden in the body of the mother of the enemy of the giants [= Þórr > = Jǫrð (jǫrð ‘earth’)]; the resolutions of the mighty people are powerful.


[1]: The diction of the line evokes a natural image of the sun setting over mountains (Hkr 1893-1901, IV) while also providing continuity from fjǫllum Fýrisvalla ‘mountains of Fýrisvellir’ in Lv 8/3.



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