Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Eyv Hál 8I/8 — vágr ‘the bay’

Ok þar varð,
es vinir fellu
magar Hallgarðs,
manna blóði
við stóran gný
vinar Lóðurs
vágr of blandinn.

Ok þar, es vinir magar Hallgarðs fellu, varð vágr Stafaness of blandinn blóði manna við stóran gný vinar Lóðurs.

And there where the friends of the son of Hallgarðr [Grjótgarðr] [= Hákon] fell, the bay of Stavenes was mingled with the blood of men in the great din of the friend of Lóðurr <god> [= Óðinn > BATTLE].


[5, 8] vágr Stafaness ‘the bay of Stavenes’: The p. n. is in the gen. case, though only FskAˣ (with its sister transcripts 52ˣ and 301ˣ) reads ‘-ness’. Stafanes corresponds phonologically to, and is probably to be identified with, Stavenes i Askvoll, a prominent headland north of Fjaler, Sogn og Fjordane, and site of numerous prehistoric burial mounds.



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