Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Sól 80VII/6 — undir ‘with’

Hverju bölvi        þeir belt hafa
        Sváfr ok Sváfrlogi;
blóð þeir vöktu        ok benjar sugu
        ey undir illum vana.

Hverju bölvi hafa þeir belt, Sváfr ok Sváfrlogi; þeir vöktu blóð ok sugu benjar, ey undir illum vana.

Every evil they have ventured, Sváfr and Sváfrlogi; they awakened blood and sucked wounds, always with a bad habit.


[6] ey undir illum vana: undir illum ey vana 166bˣ


[6] ey undir illum vana ‘always with a bad habit’: The l., as it stands in the mss, is problematical. Here the w.o. of 166bˣ has been reversed and prep. undir has been construed with vana from vani weak m. noun ‘custom, habit’. Bugge suggests the scribes may have understood undir as ‘wounds’, parallel to benjar in l. 5, rather than as a prep. ‘under’. Bugge, Skj B, Skald and Björn M. Ólsen omit undir and read the l. as illum ey vana, which Skj B translates as med en altid slet skik ‘with an always bad practice’. Njörður Njarðvík (1991, 106-7) accepts undir but does not explain what he thinks the l. means. Lbs 437ˣ, a ms. not used in the present edn, has vandir ‘wicked’, a reading adopted by Falk and Fidjestøl.



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