Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Sól 70VII/4 — englar ‘angels’

Menn sá ek þá,        er af miklum hug
        veittu fátækum frama;
lásu englar        helgar bækr
        ok himna skript yfir höfði þeim.

Ek sá menn þá, er af miklum hug veittu fátækum frama; englar lásu helgar bækr ok himna skript yfir höfði þeim.

I saw men then who from a generous spirit offered support to the poor; angels read holy books and heavenly writing [lit. writing of the heavens] over their heads.


[4-6] lásu englar helgar bækr ok himna skript yfir höfði þeim ‘angels read holy books and heavenly writing over their heads’: Both alliteration and metre have gone awry in the last half of this st. There is no alliteration in ll. 4-5 and, although it supplies alliteration, the phrase ok himna skript makes l. 6 much too long. It is found only in 166bˣ and 8 other mss closely related to 166bˣ. Other eds have improved ll. 4-6 by altering the w.o.: Skj B, followed by Skald, have helgar bœkr | ok himna skript | lsu þeim englar yfir; Falk gives helgar bækr | ok himna skript; Fidjestøl puts ok himna skript in brackets, but leaves it at the beginning of l. 6.



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