Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Sól 7VII/6 — æ ‘forever’

Helgir englar        kómu ór himnum ofan
        ok tóku sál hans til sín;
í hreinu lífi        hon skal lifa
        æ með almátkum guði.

Helgir englar kómu ofan ór himnum ok tóku sál hans til sín; hon skal lifa í hreinu lífi æ með almátkum guði.

Holy angels came down from the heavens above, and gathered his soul to themselves; it will live in a pure existence forever with almighty God.


[5, 6] hon skal lifa æ: hon skal æ lifa all


[5-6] hon skal lifa æ með almátkum guði ‘it [lit. she, viz. the soul] will live ... forever with almighty God’: In keeping with earlier eds (Skj B; Skald; Bugge) æ ‘forever’ (l. 5) has been moved to l. 6 to provide the necessary alliteration.



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