Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Sól 68VII/6 — æ ‘always’

Allar ógnir        fær þú eigi vitat,
        þær sem helgengnir hafa;
sætar synðir        verða at sárum bótum;
        æ koma mein eptir munuð.

Þú fær eigi vitat allar ógnir, þær sem helgengnir hafa; sætar synðir verða at sárum bótum; mein koma æ eptir munuð.

You will never get to know all the terrors which those who have gone to Hell have; sweet sins turn into bitter compensations; injuries always come after pleasure.


[6] æ: er 738ˣ


[6] æ koma mein eptir munuð: The l. sounds proverbial; Paasche (1914b, 52) notes a close parallel in Peter Damian’s C10th poem Rhythmus de die mortis, st. 7 where dulcedo carnis ‘the sweetness of the flesh’ is turned into bitterness.



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