Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Pl 35VII/7 — fúrs ‘of the fire’

Brœðr riðu Byrfils skíða
beitis tveir at leita
ár, þeirs ítrum vôru
endr Plácito á hendi.
Fundu Gylfa grundar
glaðríðanda umb síðir;
unnar fúrsærir
afrendan bǫr kenndu.

Tveir brœðr, þeirs vôru endr á hendi ítrum Plácito, riðu ár at leita beitis skíða Byrfils. Fundu umb síðir grundar Gylfa glaðríðanda; ærir né kenndu afrendan bǫr fúrs unnar.

Two brothers, who were formerly in the service of the glorious Plácitus, rode out early to look for the steerer of the skis of Byrfill <sea-king> [SHIPS > SEAFARER]. At length they found the rider of the horse of the ground of Gylfi <sea-king> [(lit. ‘the horse-rider of the ground of Gylfi’) SEA > SHIP > SEAFARER]; the messengers did not recognise the powerful tree of the fire of the wave [GOLD > MAN].



case: gen.


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