Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Pét 41VII/3 — ótta ‘fear’

Skekr nú ráðs og reikar;
rann með varðhaldsmanni
brott, þvíað ástin ótta
ógnstærðan honum færði.
Böl fyr buðlung sólar
bar stríðandi kvíða
hæst, þó hyrfi í fystu
hann frá vizku sannri.

Nú skekr ráðs og reikar; rann brott með varðhaldsmanni, þvíað ástin færði honum ótta ógnstærðan. Stríðandi kvíða bar hæst böl fyr buðlung sólar, þó hann hyrfi í fystu frá sannri vizku.

Now his resolve is shaken and he falters; he ran away with a watchman, because love induced in him fear magnified by peril. The fighter against anxiety [= Peter] bore the greatest woe for the king of the sun [= God (= Christ)], though he turned at first from true wisdom.


[3-4] ótta ógnstærðan ‘fear magnified by peril’: Finnur Jónsson (Skj B) emends ms. ‘ogn stærdan’ to ógnstærð, which he takes with ástin (l. 3): den ved frygten formerede kærlighed gjorde ham bange ‘the love increased through fear made him afraid’. As Kock observes (NN §1742), it is hard to see any advantage in this.



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