Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Mv III 17VII/2 — gieta ‘be told’

Koma fyrir Krist dóm
kvalarar, sem gieta skal;
akta þeir uppkveikt
ógurliga nýtt róg.
Árar kváðu almbör
jafnan styggja guðs nafn;
sárar geingu sakir nær;
sögðu þeir hans brögð.

Kvalarar koma fyrir dóm Krist, sem skal gieta; þeir akta uppkveikt, nýtt róg ógurliga. Árar kváðu almbör jafnan styggja nafn guðs; sárar sakir geingu nær; þeir sögðu brögð hans.

The tormentors come before the judgement of Christ, as will be told; they present an inflamed, new accusation frighteningly. The messengers said that the elm-bow tree [WARRIOR] always offended against the name of God; the bitter charges cut deeply [lit. went near]; they told of his actions.



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