Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Mgr 23VII/7 — lofs ‘praise’

‘* Krisnum á sig lýð til lausnar
lofðung hauðrs tók písl og dauða
sólar; tók að sínum vilja
syndalauss með fullu yndi.
Ætti guði að þakka þetta
þjóðin öll,’ kvað dróttins móðir,
‘lærðir menn til lofs og dýrðar
laungum prýð*i honum ýmsa saungva.’

‘Lofðung hauðrs sólar tók á sig písl og dauða til lausnar * krisnum lýð; syndalauss tók að vilja sínum með fullu yndi. Öll þjóðin ætti að þakka guði þetta’, kvað móðir dróttins, ‘lærðir menn prýð*i laungum ýmsa saungva til lofs og dýrðar honum.’

‘The lord of the land of the sun [SKY/HEAVEN > = God (= Christ)] took upon himself torture and death for the salvation of Christian people; sinless, he accepted it of his own will with full pleasure. All people ought to thank God for this’, said the mother of the Lord [= Mary], ‘may learned men for a long time ornament various songs to his praise and glory.’


[7] til lofs og: ‘[...]’ 713, ‘til lofs ọc̣’ 1032ˣ, ‘til ḷọf̣ṣ ọc̣’ 920ˣ


[7-8]: These ll. cannot be made sense of without emendation. The present edn follows Skj B and Skald. Wrightson retains the ms. reading, but emends ýmsa saungva (m. acc. pl.) ‘various songs’ (l. 8) to ýmsum söngum (m. dat. pl.) ‘with various songs’ and translates the ll. as ‘learned people have adorned Him for a long time with various songs to His praise and glory’. That construction is ungrammatical, because prýddi (3rd pers. sg. pret. indic.) ‘adorned’ cannot be construed with the pl. subject lærðir menn ‘learned men’ (see NS §70).



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