Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Mdr 38VII/6 — ótta ‘of fear’

Heil - vertu, - drottning - dýrðar,-
dáð - lífs og vit ráða,
himins … og hjálp aumum,

ll guðs, frægðar fylling,
friðar gnótt og líkn ótta,
skuggsjó bjartra …

Heil vertu, drottning dýrðar, dáð lífs og vit ráða, himins … og hjálp aumum, … höll guðs, fylling frægðar, gnótt friðar og líkn ótta, skuggsjó bjartra …

Hail to you, queen of glory, courage of life and understanding of counsels, heaven’s … and help to the wretched; … hall of God, fulfilment of renown, abundance of peace and salve of fear, mirror of the bright …


[6] ótta: ‘[...]ta’ B, ‘[...]tta’ 399a‑bˣ


[6] ótta ‘of fear’: Only the two final letters remain of this word in B. Jón Sigurðsson suggested reconstructing to ótta here (marginal n. to 444ˣ), which provides the required aðalhending with gnótt.



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