Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sigv ErfÓl 8I/3 — sœkja ‘to seek’

Ǫld vann Ôleifr fellda
(ǫflgan sigr) inn digri
(gekk sóknþorinn sœkja
synjór framm í brynju).
En, þeirs austan nenna,
— óx hildr — með gram mildum
— mart segik bert — í bjarta
blóðrǫst Svíar óðu.

Ôleifr inn digri vann fellda ǫld; sóknþorinn synjór gekk framm í brynju sœkja ǫflgan sigr. En Svíar, þeirs nenna austan, óðu í bjarta blóðrǫst með mildum gram; hildr óx; segik mart bert.

Óláfr inn digri (‘the Stout’) cut down men; the battle-daring seigneur advanced in his mail-shirt to seek a powerful victory. And the Swedes, who travel from the east, waded into the bright current of blood alongside the gracious prince; battle intensified; I say much plainly.


[3] sœkja: ‘sǫcku’ J2ˣ, søkkva 61



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