Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sigv ErfÓl 4I/7 — sýna ‘visible’

Goll buðu opt, þeirs ollu
úthlaupum, gram kaupask
rautt, en ræsir neitti,
ríklunduðum undan.
Skǫr bað hann með hjǫrvi
— herland skal svá verja —
— ráns biðu rekkar sýna
refsing — firum efsa.

Buðu, þeirs ollu úthlaupum, opt ríklunduðum gram rautt goll kaupask undan, en ræsir neitti. Hann bað efsa skǫr firum með hjǫrvi; svá skal verja herland; rekkar biðu sýna refsing ráns.

Those who carried out plundering expeditions often offered the mighty-spirited prince red gold to buy themselves off, but the ruler refused. He ordered men’s hair to be cut with the sword; that is how to defend the people’s land; the warriors suffered visible punishment for their robbery.


[7] sýna: so Holm4, 325VII, sína , papp18ˣ, sona Holm2, 325XI 2 g, reiðir J2ˣ, þínir 321ˣ, 73aˣ, sýnar 68, trjónur 61, Flat, Tóm, sóna 325V, ‘trino’ Bb


[7] sýna ‘visible’: Although found only in Holm4 and 325VII, this reading is clearly the most plausible. It is partially supported by some of the other (curiously diverse) ms. readings and is adopted by previous eds.



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