Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ÞKolb Eirdr 13I/8 — dœgri ‘day’

Enn at eyrar grunni
endr Skjǫldungr of renndi,
sás kjǫlslóðir kníði,
Knútr langskipum útan.
Varð, þars vildu fyrðar
varrláð koma báðir,
hjalmaðs jarls ok hilmis
hœgr fundr á því dœgri.

Enn Skjǫldungr, Knútr, sás kníði kjǫlslóðir, of renndi endr langskipum útan at grunni eyrar. Fundr hjalmaðs jarls ok hilmis varð hœgr á því dœgri, þars báðir fyrðar vildu koma varrláð.

And the Skjǫldungr, Knútr, who pounded the keel-paths [SEA], again ran his longships ashore onto the shallows of the land-spit. The meeting of the helmeted jarl and the prince proved propitious on that day, when both men wished to cross the oarstroke-land [SEA].



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