Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Eskál Vell 30I/3 — herja ‘harry’

Háði jarl, þars áðan
engi mannr und ranni,
hyrjar þing, at herja,
hjǫrlautar, kom Sǫrla.
Bara maðr lyngs enn lengra
loptvarðaðar barða
— allt vann gramr of gengit
Gautland — frá sæ randir.

Jarl háði þing hyrjar hjǫrlautar, þars engi mannr und ranni Sǫrla kom áðan at herja. Maðr bara randir lyngs barða loptvarðaðar enn lengra frá sæ; gramr vann allt Gautland of gengit.

The jarl held an assembly of the fire of the sword-dale [SHIELD > SWORD > BATTLE], where no man carrying a house of Sǫrli <legendary hero> [SHIELD] had come to harry before. No one carried shields, adorned with the loft of the whale of the heath [SNAKE > GOLD] any further from the sea; the ruler managed to march through all of Götaland.



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