Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Bjbp Jóms 14I/8 — hættr ‘dangerous’

Vagn kvað hitt inn hrausti;
Hamðis gunnar tǫmðum
sá lézk frœkn at fylgja
faldruðr Búa skyldu.
Þá réð heit til hvítrar
hringa meiðr at strengja
— mér kømr harmr at hendi
hættr — Þorketils dóttur.

Inn hrausti Vagn kvað hitt; sá frœkn Hamðis faldruðr lézk skyldu at fylgja Búa, tǫmðum gunnar. Þá réð meiðr hringa at strengja heit til hvítrar dóttur Þorketils; hættr harmr kømr mér at hendi.

The bold Vagn spoke another [oath]; that brave bush of the hood of Hamðir <legendary hero> [(lit. ‘hood-bush of Hamðir’) HELMET > WARRIOR = Vagn] declared it his duty to follow Búi, accustomed to battle. Then the tree of rings [MAN = Vagn] made a vow concerning the bright daughter of Þorkell [= Ingibjǫrg]; dangerous grief comes upon me.


[7-8] hættr harmr kømr mér at hendi ‘dangerous grief comes upon me’: The reappearance of the unhappy love motif, which contains verbal echoes of st. 2/3-4, chimes with Vagn’s oath about Ingibjǫrg in this stanza and with the theme of the stef in the following one.



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