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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sigv Vestv 4I/6 — kyn ‘kin’

Átti jarl at sætta
allframr búendr gamla
ok, þeirs optast tóku,
Ôleif, at því máli.
Þeir hafa fyrr af fári
— framts Eireks kyn — meira
hǫfðum keypt an heiptir
Hôkun saman mundi.

Allframr jarl átti at sætta gamla búendr, þeirs optast tóku at því máli, ok Ôleif. Þeir hafa fyrr keypt hǫfðum af fári, meira an Hôkun mundi saman heiptir; kyn Eireks [e]s framt.

The most excellent jarl was to reconcile the old farmers, who most often brought up that matter, and Óláfr. They have previously dealt in heads out of rage, to a greater degree than Hákon was able to cancel out the animosities; Eiríkr’s kin [= Hákon] is outstanding.


[6] kyn Eireks ‘Eiríkr’s kin [= Hákon]’: This could be a general laudatory reference to the jarls of Hlaðir but is more likely to be a circumlocution for Eiríkr’s son Hákon, who seems very much to be the focus of this stanza (see LP: kyn 2).



case: nom.


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