Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sigv Erlfl 2I/8 — frægr ‘the renowned’

Rakkr þengill hjó rekka;
reiðr gekk hann of skeiðar;
valr lá þrǫngt á þiljum;
þung vas sókn fyr Tungum.
Bragningr rauð fyr breiðan
borðvǫll Jaðar norðan;
blóð kom varmt í víðan
— vá frægr konungr — ægi.

Rakkr þengill hjó rekka; hann gekk reiðr of skeiðar; valr lá þrǫngt á þiljum; sókn fyr Tungum vas þung. Bragningr rauð borðvǫll fyr norðan breiðan Jaðar; varmt blóð kom í víðan ægi; frægr konungr vá.

The bold lord [Óláfr] cut down warriors; he walked enraged across the warships; the slain lay tightly packed on the boards; the attack off Tunge was heavy. The ruler [Óláfr] reddened the plank-field [SEA] north of broad Jæren; warm blood fell into the wide ocean; the renowned king [Óláfr] fought.



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