Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Jór Send 4I/1 — Hvar ‘Where do’

Hvar vitu einka ǫrvir
ǫrveðrs frama gǫrvan
tinglrýrǫndum tungla
tveir jǫfrar veg meira,
an geðharðir gerðu
golls landrekar þollum
— upp angr of hófsk yngva —
óblinds fyr lof Sindra?

Hvar vitu tveir einka ǫrvir jǫfrar meira veg, frama ǫrveðrs gǫrvan tungla tinglrýrǫndum, an geðharðir landrekar gerðu þollum golls fyr lof óblinds Sindra? Angr yngva of hófsk upp.

Where do two especially brave princes know of greater honour, fame of arrow-storm [BATTLE], granted to destroyers of moons of the prow-board [(lit. ‘prow-board-destroyers of moons’) SHIELDS > WARRIORS] than tough-minded land-rulers granted to firs of gold [MEN] because of the praise of clear-sighted Sindri (‘Spark’ (?))? The trouble of the princes was lifted.



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